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L2Tower on L2Sublimity = automatic POV farmer

Since I dont play L2 anymore I am going to share my script/plugin for farming POVs. Sorry about czech chat messages in script :-) I will not translate it. Maybe some volunteer?

For people not familiar with L2Sublimity: POV is needed for dynasty sets. Its being obtained through pvp. There is ip check if you dont kill your box. Pov can be obtained only every 7 minutes (it was 15 in the past).

This script controls your party to kill each member one by one and return from the town. When character kills whole party it waits on others to come from town and then another character starts to kill whole party. They equip weapon (FB focus) and armor (TPA). Remember that those party members are not allowed to be in same clan.

It is designed to Orc Village however you can just change last 3 lines of flag.lua to use another coordinates or even port through GK.

ShowToClient("BOT", "Bezim na misto");
MoveTo(-45371, -111791, -240, moveDistance);
MoveTo(-46068, -110343, -240, moveDistance);
MoveTo(-46213, -109707, -293, moveDistance);

Script works flawlessly but sometimes something goes wrong and characters dont attack each other. I couldnt figure out what because I run it over night :-)



How to get unique ip for your box? - YOU DONT NEED THIS IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS
--- you need SSH server with GatewayPorts yes in its configuration for each client

  1. buy proxifier 3.0
  2. download putty
  3. run Total commander as Administrator (right click->run as administrator)
  4. setup dynamic tunnel in putty (use some tutorial, there are plenty)
  5. switch to proxifier and set proxy server for each dynamic tunnel
  6. from Total commander rightclick on L2.exe and choose Proxifier -> localhost:<port> from context menu

This way L2.exe will be run through your SSH proxy tunnel and will be treated under unique IP by the Sublimity server.

However you dont need to do this. Its just enough to get your friends with L2Tower to join your farming party.

How to run this script?

  1. Copy povfarm.lua to L2tower/plugins
  2. Copy aMaster.lua, killparty.lua and flag.lua to L2Tower/scripts
  3. Run L2 and:
  4. buy for every character forgotten blade focus + tallum heavy armor
  5. unequip armors and weapons
  6. move every character to orc village outside the peace zone
  7. invite them all in party
  8. set L2Tower to revive your character to the town after 5 seconds in Resurrection section and unpause Tower
  9. on one character from the party run aMaster.lua from L2tower scripts menu and others will automaticly join

Dont change names of scripts otherwise edit scripts accordingly.
If you decide to do this with your friends they need just L2tower with these scripts, TPA and FB Focus etc ... only one person runs aMaster.lua

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  1. Please friend can upload the files again: povfarm.lua, aMaster.lua, flag.lua and killparty.lua; thank you

  2. Here they are: